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We believe in creating beautiful structures built to last in a way that's both practical and affordable.

We believe in creating beautiful structures built to last in a way that's both practical and affordable. Applying our creativity and skilled craftsmanship to produce log and timber homes families can cherish for many years is the most fulfilling part of what we do.

Cedar Log Homes has been in the business of building quality vacation homes and residences from the finest natural materials found only in beautiful British Columbia. To date, we've proudly created, delivered and constructed over 450 homes for clients in over 20 countries, including Canada, the United States, Europe, Russia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Argentina.

With over 30 years experience and a large client base spanning 20 countries, our team has become exceptionally skilled at designing, building and exporting custom log and timber frame homes. We can contribute to your project at any stage, coordinating with other contractors, designers and tradespeople as needed.

We uphold our high standards of quality not only in our design process and workmanship, but also in the service you receive as we work together to create your dream custom log home.

While your experience will be tailored to your unique needs, here is a general outline of what you can expect when you work with Moore Log & Timber Homes:

Custom Log Home Design

We carefully map out every detail of your log home construction based on your preferences, including building style, landscaping, floor plan, patios and decks, roof finish and more.

In the preliminary design stage, you'll have the opportunity to communicate your vision so we can produce initial drawings and begin breathing life into your future home. You'll also be able to take a virtual tour and see what your new home might look like.

From there, we go through a number of revision stages depending on your budget where you'll have the opportunity to adjust the elements of your home design for the perfect outcome. Our log and timber frame home experts can guide you through best practices for every last detail, right down to the window and door sizes, and we can provide interior design services, too.

The design process ends with a complete set of working drawings - the blueprints to the custom log home of your dreams!

Log and Timber Frame Construction

After every individual log is dried and hand-peeled, they're precisely cut and assembled at our worksite. When your home is completed to specifications, we disassemble it and prepare the parts for transportation to your site. Upon deivery, we work with your local contractor or one of our partner contractors to complete the on site assembly. See our partners page for a listing of companies that are able to take your home to completion.

Shipping and Customs

In the complex world of international shipping and customs, you can be confident in our experience and skills to get everything done right. We have experience shipping our log and timber homes to 20 countries around the world, with many more to come. From North America to Europe and Asia - virtually any location you've dreamed of having a gorgeous log or timber home to call your own - we will do our best to make it happen.